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By David Clensy

THERE are few people who would look at a paper bag and see a treasure.

But the spirit of the new M Shed museum will be to celebrate the normal; the everyday; the mundane – the things that make Bristol‘s social history come to life.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising to find expert paper conservator Harry Metcalf, studying a brown paper bag, as though it’s the Crown Jewels.

After all, the eagerly-anticipated new museum, which is set to open on June 17, will be filled with more than 3,000 individual objects from the daily lives of Bristolians.



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From Bristol City Council

The oldest of Bristol museum’s working exhibits – the Mayflower steam tugboat – marks her 150th anniversary on Wednesday, May 18. The Mayflower is the oldest Bristol-built ship still afloat and is believed to be the oldest steam tug in the world.


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