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By Vicki Mathias / v.mathias@bepp.co.uk

PLANS for a £20 million revamp of a Clifton hospital have been approved by a slim margin.

The Chesterfield Hospital redevelopment was finally granted approval by a committee of councillors on Wednesday night after they debated concerns about the loss of trees and parking on the site.

They attached conditions on the times when parking and deliveries on the Clifton Hill site would not be acceptable before agreeing the proposal by a majority of one.



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By Linda Tanner, Education Correspondent

FAMILIES have urged Bristol City Council to rethink any plans to shut day centres and old people’s homes.

The authority is looking at closures as a way of releasing up to £20 million to give elderly people and those with learning difficulties more independence.

But carers of vulnerable people say the day centres are a lifeline and the homes provide much-needed accommodation for older people, particularly those with dementia.


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BRISTOL East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy is urging people to protest against proposed reforms of the National Health Service.

The deadline for comments on the Department of Health’s website is the end of today. (Tuesday, May 31)

Ms McCarthy said she had received “an almost unprecedented” number of letters and emails from hundreds of constituents who were deeply concerned that the Government’s reforms would be disastrous for the NHS and lead to privatisation.

In April, Ms McCarthy wrote to the Prime Minister and his deputy on the issue. She said people regarded the NHS as a national service, provided on the basis of need – not on the ability to pay or what generates the most profit.


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courtesy of Bristol City Council
The Migrant Rights Centre Bristol and Bristol City Council are launching a drive to improve access to healthcare for Bristol’s migrant community.

Working with local GP’s and migrant charities, the Migrant Rights Centre hopes to raise awareness of available health services and increase the accessibility of primary healthcare to all migrants in recognition on World Health day today.

Christien van den Anker, director of the Migrant Rights Centre Bristol said: “The UK is justifiably proud of the NHS and its guiding principle that every individual is entitled to free primary healthcare regardless of nationality or immigration status. We want to ensure that everyone in Bristol is able to access care and support from their GP’s when they need it.”

Graham Sims, deputy chief executive of Bristol City Council, said: “Bristol has benefited over many years from migration, economically, culturally, to take two examples, and we are committed to ensuring equality of access for all our citizens to services including healthcare. We support the campaign by the Migrant Rights Centre to raise awareness among all communities of services.”

Christina Gray, associate director of public health, NHS Bristol said: “The NHS is committed to ensuring equity and access to services for our diverse population. Public healthcare is in everyone’s best interests and we look forward to working with the migrant rights centre in taking forward this work.”

To launch the campaign, the migrant rights centre is inviting Bristol GP’s to participate in a policy discussion on increasing the accessibility of healthcare to migrants in Bristol next month.

Anyone interested in this campaign or in the work of the migrant rights centre Bristol can email info@migrantrightscentre.org.uk

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